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Kitchen Garden Cost

| March 4, 2020 | 0 Comments

How Much It Cost for Kitchen Garden?

Garden - How much it Cost



Kitchen gardens are usually preferred to minimize household costs by giving fruits and vegetables at a low cost. Kitchen gardens enable you to grow your fruit and vegetables naturally. This is a tremendous advantage for users who understand the benefits of natural foods. Kitchen gardens may be especially profitable for low-income societies, as they can produce organic fruits and vegetables by themselves at a lower cost than buying it from the market.

A report says that kitchen gardens are helpful if the average market cost of garden work is omitted from estimated costs. On average, kitchen gardens grow fruits and vegetables of  $610 value, exceeding the materials and supplies cost worth $228.

Cost of Kitchen Garden

A kitchen garden completely depends on how much you want to produce, develop and pay so it can cost within several hundred dollars to also a million. You can also begin with a little area to produce and slowly enlarge it once you feel certain to bring more. Before starting a Kitchen garden, determine the cost of it by considering the following points:

  • Kitchen Garden Setup Cost
  • Cost of Seeds and Compost
  • Approximate Water Usage
  • Time Require to Plant, Weed, and Harvest
  • Cost of Food Grow
  • Cost-equivalent to the Market Price

Here if we excluded the labor charges, kitchen gardens generally produced $513 to $648 value of fruits and vegetables, which is up and above the prices of watering the garden, purchasing grains, starts, soil, and other substances. Now if we consider the garden size, the normal produce per square foot of the garden area was $0.63 to $0.82. But if we know consider the labor values then the remaining cost of kitchen gardens decreased to approx. $469-$80 or $0.65-$0.10 per square foot of garden area.


For a little kitchen garden of 10 by 10 feet which can produce ample for a family of 4 required to use more than $100 on the soil. It may require checking the pH level of the soil to assure maximum growing circumstances. The perfect range for pH levels varies from 5.5 and 7. Various plant test price depends on what you need to inquire for, it could cost within $4 and $50. There are also some nurseries are providing free soil testing, so you can go for that option to save some dollars.

Considering the vegetables and fruits that are cheap to buy, growing more products, easy to maintain, and take less time of harvesting can save your money as well as energy and time.

How to save?

Remember that, plant the veggies that produce the maximum savings and your family members are preferred to eat. To save more money, also consider the volume of vegetables and fruits produced as spending less money on a plant that is producing only 1-2 veggies is also meaningless.

As per the previous, all the analysis report on the Kitchen garden, it is assured that it can help you to save money, especially if family members manage the garden.