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How much it cost for a Lehenga Choli

| March 19, 2020 | 0 Comments

Cost for a Lehenga Choli




A machine-made Lehenga Choli may usually cost around $150 to $250 whereas a handcrafted designer Lehnga Choli may cost around $1000 to $2000.

Heavy work designer Lehngas generally cost higher than the machine-made ones. Preferring printed lehenga choli will cost you lesser than embroided lehngas. We have observed various reviews and testimonials and found prices for different types of designer and printed lehenga cholis.

Let’s look at a brief list of lehenga cholis with their respective prices

1) Sabyasachi

These are also known for unique and stylish design which attracts international attention too.


Sabyasachi Mukherji is an Indian fashion designer who had created his collection of sarees mainly focusing on lehngas called Sabyasachi which is very famous in India and also gaining attention outside India. He made this collection of lehenga cholis by keeping the Indian traditional views as well as modern fashion demands in mind.

Indian people mostly prefer these lehenga cholis. Moreover, these are also featured in Bollywood films due to their fame.

The price is actually based on the heaviness of the lehenga choli. The cost of Sabyasachi lehenga choli starts from approx. $2142 up to $4285.


2) Manish Malhotra

Manish Malhotra was a model of India who changed himself in a fashion designer. He is a renowned personality.

He received good appreciation and fame after his very first runway show in November- 1999. He has also received different awards because of his work and dedication. Some of which are Filmfare award for Glamour and Style, different Bollywood awards, several Zee Cine Awards, as well as 5 IIFA awards for his contribution in various films.

The price of his lehenga collection also starts from $2142 which may be as high as double of it if the lehenga is having extensive embroidery and work.


3) Rose Creations

Rose creation is a bridal shop situated in Ludhiana, Punjab from the year 2000. They are well known for their exquisite lehengas which are even exported due to their fame and demand. It is head by a fashion designer Supriya Jain, who came in fashion designing field decades ago.

Their lehengas are made with finest fabrics and gems which give them a unique look. Their lowest price for lehenga choli is $1000 and ranks higher as per the embroidery of the lehenga.


4) Geeta’s Couture

Geeta’s couture is yet another big brand of lehenga cholis. It is located in Ludhiana, Punjab. They provide stylish lehengas of awesome quality and work. It is one of the most preferred place to buy lehengas of fashion geeks as well as local customers.

Their lehengas starts from $714 and the price also depends on the type of fabric and the type of work done on it.


5) Gaurav Gupta Couture

Gaurav Gupta is another fashion designer who is best known for his sari-gown. He is very famous fashion designer who provides amazing and unique lehengas for bridal as well as casual use.

The Gaurav Gupta brand was founded in 2004. He is also well-known for his work in lehengas.

The price for lehengas at Gaurav Gupta couture starts from approx. $1000. The price is further based on the kind of embroidery and the time devoted to it.


How to save money when buying lehenga choli?


Firstly, we must choose the type of lehenga choli we want to buy because there is a huge price gap between different varities. Secondly, we should think about how much embroidery or pattern work, we actually want. This will help us not to spend excess money on lehenga cholis we don’t want to purchase.