How Much Does a Puppy Cost

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Cost to Own a Puppy

cost-of-puppyOwning a pet can be very enjoyable but it is a lot of hard work. There is so much more involved with raising a puppy than you could ever imagine unless you’ve done it before. Budgeting for a dog before you get one is very important as there are many more costs than just dog food. Also be sure you have plenty of time to love and train your puppy or you will experience many unexpected problems down the road.


Factors of Cost

The first large expense that you will come across when getting a new puppy is the initial expense of the actual dog. There are a few different options you have such as going to a breeder, a pet store, or even a shelter. Purebred dogs from a private professional breeder will be much more expensive than a dog from a backyard breeder or even a pet store. A purebred dog with papers and its initial vaccinations will cost between $500 and $2,000 depending on the breed. The large initial investment will greatly pay off in the long run as your pet should be healthier, live longer, and have less vet bills.

Adopting from a shelter will save you a lot of money in the beginning, not to mention the fact you’re giving a rescue dog a forever home! It is possible to get purebred dogs from a shelter but most of the time they are mixed breeds. These dogs will cost as little as $50 up to $200. The only problem with adopting a dog from a shelter is that more times than not, their history will be unknown and you may end up spending more at a vet in the long run.

What’s Included

Most of the time, wherever you get your dog from, he should already have been vaccinated with his first set of vaccines. Also, most pet stores will have already implanted a microchip in your puppy so the cost of that will be included with the price of the dog. Besides those two things, everything else you will need for your dog will be extra costs.

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Additional Costs

The first major expense that comes with owning a dog is veterinarian visits. Within the first week or so of bringing home your puppy, you should get the dog to a good vet to get checked out. Besides just a checkup, the second set of vaccines may be necessary along with preventative medications such as heart worm pills that could cost from $50-$300 depending on the health of your dog and the vet you take him to.

A lifelong cost of owning any pet is going to include supplies such as food, leashes, collars, beds and toys. These are all things that every dog should have along with the optional obedience training, grooming, and getting your puppy spayed or neutered. When it comes time for your puppy to get neutered or spayed, the typical cost will be anywhere from $100 up to $700 depending on how costly your vet is.

Ways to Save

There are usually lower cost options for many of the above additional costs. Almost anywhere you can find a low cost vet which could reduce the cost of spaying or neutering down to as little as $50! If you are struggling with income or have lost a job, there are always places you can find reduced cost or free dog food for a fixed time period until you can get back on your feet. Although high quality dog food is important for a healthy pup, there is always off-brand food which can save you some money if you are really having a hard time keeping up with the expenses of owning a dog.