How Much Does Dog Food Cost?

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Cost of the Best Dog Food for your most pretty Dog

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It’s never too late to have a pet. Dominance of a pet in a house keeps one amused all the time and there are many physical and mental benefits for having a pet like Dogs and Cats.

In current times, people prefer getting attached with animals instead of humans. Dogs are one of the majorly loved animals. They are agile, trustworthy and believed to be the best animal when it comes to loyalty. Their breeds are categorized into seven different groups: Herding, Sporting, Non-Sporting, Working, Hounds, Terriers and Toy.

While talking about their food, they are considered both omnivores and carnivores. So there is a wide range of food their digestion system can break down and absorb the nutrients.



Dog Food Cost

Actually the BEST dog food will differ depending on the breed of your dog, environment and the health of the dog.


Below we’ve given cost of Dog Food according to its classification:

  • Dry food/ Kibble

This is the affordable and easy-to-serve Dog Food. It is available in the market with different mixtures of ingredients. Kibble can be healthy and beneficial for every dog if it is chosen wisely by keeping an eye on the ingredients list. Generally Dry dog food doesn’t require refrigeration and lasts for a longer period of time.

Dry Dog food costs about $30 per 50 pounds.


  • Canned Dog Food/ Wet Food

Of course, Canned Food is rich in protein which is also called Wet Food. But, it is extremely important to check the ingredients of the canned food before buying because it comes with both digestible and indigestible protein.

Cost of Canned Dog food is about $30 per 10 pounds.


  • Semi- Moist Dog Food

It can be considered as the kind of Fast-Food for your doggy. Generally, this kind of food is available in different types of attractive shapes. But, it is advised to feed these foods to your dog occasionally because these foods are high in artificial ingredients and Sugar.

Semi-Moist diet for a dog costs approx. $3 a day.


  • Home Cooked

It’s so good to have control over what your dog is consuming. Cooking at home for your cute doggies or puppies is never a bad option. But, it will demand more time, effort and money compared to the foods available in the market. You’ll need to be so clear about the nutrients you’re providing to your dog.

Approximate cost of Home cooked Dog food  $70 for 10 pounds.

  • Raw dog food cost

Raw food covers a wide range of produced raw food like muscle meat, Bones, Raw Eggs, Fruits, Some Dairy products etc. Raw diet works great with mostly each dog because of their short intestinal tracts and strong acids in the stomach. But, before shifting your dog to the Raw diet seek the advice from a veterinarian because sometimes Raw Diet can cause dietary imbalances or food poisoning.

On an average, commercial Raw Dog Food costs about $200 for 20 pounds.

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It is always essential to ask your veterinarian whenever you plan to change the diet of your pet, because in some cases changing the diet of your pet can cause some health problems to them.

Consult a veterinarian from whom you can get to know what kind and what amount of food will be proven as the Best Dog Food for your doggy.


How to save

I strongly believe that one should not have pets if one cannot afford. But, if you’re willing to have one then, you must be choosing good quality food for your pet instead of quantity.

Due to expensive cost of dog food in the market, we’ve given some best tips below:

  • Buy in larger quantity
  • Consult a veterinarian for proper diet plan for your doggy
  • Cook at home to have close grip on the nutrients
  • Find rebates and coupons online
  • Lastly, look for proper ingredients not for brand name