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How Much Does an Air Purifier Cost?

| June 2, 2020 | 0 Comments

Cost of Air Purifier



We, the humans are only dominant creature on the earth right now. But our actions show that we are breaking the cycle of nature by polluting every natural resource. So, you must not have a question that why we need air purifiers, right?


What is an Air Purifier?

An Air Purifier is a device used to remove the contaminants from the air in order to improve the air quality. It can remove dust, mites, volatile compounds, pollen, smoke and dander by using various techniques.



7 major types of Air Purifiers with cost

Many types of air purifiers are available with combined technology. But, seven major types of air purifiers are given below:


HEPA Air purifiers

Air Purifiers with HEPA filters can remove particles larger than 0.2 microns. These purifiers are best used to remove irritating and polluting particles like dander, pollen, dust etc. But, it can’t kill viruses and bacteria as they are smaller than 0.2 microns.

Filters are required to replace with time.

Cost: $35 to $450


Carbon Air Purifiers/ Activated Carbon Air Purifiers

Activated carbon air purifiers are useful to remove odor, smoke and fumes from the air. Usually, carbon air purifiers come with HEPA filters to increase its functionality.

People who get irritated or stressed due to odors, chemicals, fumes or smoke should use this type of air purifiers.

Cost: $100 to $1000


UV Air Purifiers

As the HEPA purifiers are used to remove particles smaller than 0.2 microns, Ultraviolet air purifiers (UV purifiers) are used to kill the bacteria and viruses from the air. UV air purifiers contain a chamber of UV light, which kills pathogens. These are widely used in hospitals as it kills vast number of germs, bacteria and viruses from the air.

Cost: $40 to $900


Ionic Air Purifier

Ionic air purifier throws negative ions which bonds with positive airborne particle and falls down from the air. Some purifiers contain a metal plate which attracts the positive charged particles. It can remove almost every contaminant from the air except odor.

It requires frequent cleaning of the purifier.

Cost: $40 to $400


Electronic Air Purifier

Electronic Air Purifier/ Electronic Air Cleaner are combination of HEPA filters and positively charged ions. This kind of purifiers can be fixed with your AC or Furnaces. Electronic Air cleaners can effectively clean the air from Dust, Dander, Germs, viruses and bacteria.

It needs maintenance.

Cost: $300 to $1500


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Air exchanger purifiers

Main function of Air Exchange Purifiers is ventilation. They are best used with other technologies like HEPA or Ionic purifiers to get the best functionality.

Cost: $500 to $1300


Central Air purifiers

Central air purifiers are connected with the central system of cooling and heating of the house. Central air purifiers majorly remove pollen, dust and some part of pathogens, too.

The convincing benefit of central air purifier: It reduces the chances of allergy, Asthma and breathing problems.

Cost: $600 to $2200 (with installation)


Benefits of air purifier

Different types of air purifiers bring different benefits.

  • Air purifiers can remove bad odor and dust.
  • Recommended for patients of Asthma
  • Able to kill 94% to 99% of bacteria, germs and viruses from the air.
  • Air purifiers save us from air pollutants and irritants.
  • Air purifiers can protect lungs volatile materials from tobacco’s smoke (HEPA and activated carbon)


How to save money choosing Air Purifier

  • Find the certified air purifiers.
  • Choose the purifier with HEPA filter.
  • Avoid electronic air purifiers.
  • Buy suitable for installation area.