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Yoga Teacher Cost – Get the Best Deals on Your Next Session

| February 20, 2020 | 1 Comment

Unleash the Power of Yoga – Your Cost-Saving Guide to Hiring a Yoga TeacherHowmuchitcost-Yoga

With the advent of Internet two things have been in constant rise:

  • Stress
  • Depression

Where Allopathy, Naturopathy and other path’s fail to operate, that’s when the ancient Yoga techniques come to co-operate. Not only does Yoga reduce stress level like no other technique, but also does it help cure depression. Yoga is now widely taught and preached. Be it in your apartment’s club house or in your son/daughter’s school, Yoga is everywhere. The ancient sutras of Patanjali and its importance is coming into play in our everyday lives and making us fight the two big monsters i.e. Stress and Depression.


Cost of a Yoga Training Cost

The general cost of a Yoga class varies depending on whether it’s a personal yoga class or in a group. It also varies depending on the venue i.e. whether the Yoga teacher teaches yoga at his/her classes or comes at your place to teach. Other factors on which the cost of a Yoga class is dependent are: whether you are willing to undergo Yoga class in a monthly fashion or session wise.

Irrespective of the above mentioned factors if one was to mention a classic cost of Yoga classes, it’d be $15 to $30 per hour. This cost can then be decreased depending on the compensation given to you by the teacher and your relation with him/her. The cost that is mentioned above is for gaining Yoga training at a Yoga studio.

A classic cost of undergoing Yoga class at one’s own place or in the studio i.e. personal Yoga class, would be around $40 to $75 per hour. This personal training cost can than vary of + or – $5 depending on whether the personal Yoga class is supposed to happen at the studio or at your own place. Some teachers may even charge the same irrespective of whether the classes take place at the studio or student’s home.

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How to Save?

If you are a Yoga enthusiast and someone who loves to do start your day by doing Yoga every day, you would be surprised to know that there are indeed a lot of ways by which you can save. You do not need to opt for the above mentioned range of price and options. What you can do is, you can opt for packages and memberships at Yoga clubs.

There are unlimited Yoga packages offered by various kinds of clubs that can reduce your charges per hour or per class like no other. The golden rule here is opt for the most expensive package. The more expensive the package is, the lesser the per class cost is.

A typical unlimited Yoga price can range anywhere from $60 to $550.

Wherein 90 percent of the unlimited Yoga packages range between $100 to $175.

Another way to save is, to learn Yoga in a group. There is always discount if you go to learn yoga with your group. For example: The basic price for anyone who comes to learn Yoga in a studio might be $20 per hour but if you go to learn in a group, the price may decrease to even $10 per person, per hour. This is how you can save on your Yoga class