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How Much Does It Cost For a Boho Chairs

| May 29, 2020 | 0 Comments

What is the approximate cost of bringing the Boho chair at your place?

boho chair


Boho fashion has been on trend since the early 2000 for artists and celebrities. Don’t worry if you have heard the word “Boho” for the first time. Boho is the abbreviation of “Bohemian”. Boho styled furniture is made to throw royal impressions. It allows life and culture to crawl into the home and the offices.

 what is Boho chairs?

No, these aren’t the kind of chairs used by aliens. But you will definitely have an unprecedented feeling if you go closer to a Bohemian chair. There are many incredible artists who design masterpieces of Boho chairs. Some chairs can tempt you to take it to the home even if you didn’t want one. In most cases, a Boho chair is made of natural materials like wood, fabric, ropes etc. and decorated with a unique combination of color and design.


Cost of Boho chairs

Let’s have some clarification of boho chairs’ cost according to its type.



1)  Swinging bohemian chairs

Don’t be amazed if I say you can have a swinging (Hanging) Boho chair in the budget of $100. Having a hanging Boho chair would give an immense advancement to your relaxing time. Well, the chairs made with special care and heavy materials can cost about $500.


2) Modern Accent boho chair

When it comes to the combination of professionalism and fashion, Accent chairs ranks higher. The fashioned style of seating of Accent boho chair can cost from $200 to $800.


3) Boho Pouf

Poufs come with a wide variety like fabric poufs, leather poufs, rope poufs etc. Generally, Boho pouf chairs cost $70 to $300.

4) Lounge boho chair

Lounge chairs can readily twist your home furniture. A Boho lounge chair cost from $50 to $500.


5) Boho Armchair

Armchairs will never be out of course because it has its own fan base. But, a Boho armchair will distinctly provide a unique feel in contrast to other armchairs. A medium ranged boho armchair would cost about $300 whereas a high quality and enchanting boho armchair would cost upto $1200.


6) Parsons Bohemian chairs

If you’re planning to renovate your kitchen or to decorate it differently then you should go for Parsons Boho chairs to drive your dining experience to the next level. A Boho Parsons chair costs anywhere from $30 to $110.


7) Boho Wooden stools

Want a simpler and classy wood stool? Have a look at some Boho wooden stools. They averagely cost about $90 per piece.


8) Bean bag chairs

Bean Bag Bohemian chairs are cozy and can be set anywhere. Our body can be fixed on it in many postures. These boho chairs cost around $30 to $100.


9) Mid-Century and Vintage Bohemian chairs

You must be aware about the attractive attributes of Mid-Century bohemian chairs and Vintage chairs. They are best fit for a classy home décor. Generally, the cost range for these chairs starts from $200.


10) Peacock boho chair

When the most beautiful type of chair is blended with boho style, it could give goose bumps. Finely designed peacock boho chair costs $70 minimally.


11) Bamboo and other wicker Bohemian chairs

Wicker chairs are the kind of chairs which are made from plants. They are considered good for the skin when it comes to long periods of seating. Cost range of these boho chairs is $50 to $400.


12) Other specially designed Boho chairs

As we know that artists come up with new fashion by adding something valuable into current fashion every time. Well it is hard to set a price for the work of an artist in numbers. But a good chair belonging to this category shall cost at least $300.

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How to save boho chairs cost?

There are always some tips to save some cash of yours.

  • Find the online and offline resell stores
  • Keep an eye on offer dates
  • Dive into some Scratch and Dent area
  • Attend auctions.

Consider the upkeep of the chairs before purchasing